Yes, this just happened. After a hard week of finals I decided to treat myself with some good old fashioned trash TV. After a particularly questionable scene on marriage boot camp (I then the above tweets are fairly explanatory) I live tweeted about the questionable content (tweet #1). I then searched #MarriageBootCamp and saw that no one was talking about it. Everyone was so busy making jokes about the puppets and the people that the above-mentioned gem slipped right by. Then…I saw WEtv’s tweet. Naturally I didn’t agree and replied. I don’t expect anything back but let me just say why this upsets me, besides the whole “if you’re in a relationship, you are obligated to have sex, even if you don’t want to” attitude. What’s really upsetting is that the episode is on healthy sexual relationships and they pulled this stunt instead of talking about consent. CONSENT, the most important thing in a sexual relationship. Then no one else on the tag even mentioned it; sex as commodity and as a right to someone in a relationship is so normalized no one even notices it.

I haven’t always agreed with what the bootcamps has said, but this is the first time I’ve 100% disagreed with what they were telling the couples. People have a right to say no, for whatever reason. Forcing them into sex isn’t going to make anything better - it’s just going to make the person forced bitter and unhappy and probably strain the relationship even more. 

You are so right, it’s very fucked up that they aired that and then still thought it was okay.